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Level 1 Learn how to Use TrueShot (free)
  • Use the Online Training Course
  • Use the fully functional Sample Company to practice skills and to test features

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Level 2 Setup a TrueShot account
Use TrueShot Online Edtion over the Internet

  • For a low monthly fee you can access all features without having to purchase or install software at your company's location. All data is maintained at our data center. This is a complete solution for many companies.
  • Print Invoices, Checks, Financial Statements
  • Rapid Implementation. Startup companies can shorten their time to market while established companies can implement state-of-the-art systems more quickly.
  • Access the secure data from any Internet Location
  • Branch offices can have access
  • Everthing can be customized

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Level 3 Setup a Dedicated TrueShot Server account
Use TrueShot Online Edtion over the Internet with a dedicated TrueShot Certified Server.

  • This is a cost effective solution that allows you to purchase a dedicated server and have TrueShot maintain it for you. This dedicated equipment provides an extra level of security and ensures that your system will be available for your needs even at peak usage.

  • Maintenance and Backup are provided by TrueShot
  • For companies who want dedicated equipment, but don't want to hire IT staff.
  • Versatility. The system can be brought in-house at any time if a company so decides.
  • Lower Costs. Businesses incur lower costs up front and save on their IT costs over the long term, because they avoid the costs related to purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to support the applications.
  • Scalability. Hosting also makes it easier to scale the system by simply purchasing additional seats for new users.
  • Free Upgrades. Product upgrades are provided automatically so customers always have the benefit of using the most advanced version of the software.
  • Security with Virtual IT Staff. Systems are maintained by specialists that most mid-market businesses could not afford to hire in house. Proper backup, recovery, and restore procedures are part of the hosted service so that companies are safeguarded against losing their data. This allows subscribers to focus on their core business and invest their resources more strategically.

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Level 4 Purchase TrueShot Basic Edition
If your office doesn't have access to a fast Internet Connection yet and you're not ready to get TrueShot Enterprise Edition, TrueShot Basic Edtion is perfect. It is a full featured, blazingly fast system that handle all the needs of small to medium size produce companies.

  • Versatility. The system can be upgraded to any other TrueShot Solution. If you get a fast Internet connection, you can quickly transfer your data to TrueShot's Servers and upgrade to TrueShot Online Edition or TrueShot Enterprise Edition anytime.
  • This is a cost effective solution that allows you to run on a single PC or local area network to handle many users in a single location.
  • Many companies find this to be a complete solution
  • Works on Older Equipment.If you have a large investment in older equipment and now is a bad time to upgrade, TrueShot Basic Edition is right for you. And remember, you can always upgrade to other edtions without losing any data.

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Level 5 TrueShot Enterprise Edition
TrueShot Enterprise Edtions is a complete business management solution that helps companies of every size manage not only their money, but virtually every aspect of their businesses. Everything is integrated in a system that's easy to use, but powerful enough to handle the most involved produce company.

With TrueShot Enterprise Edition, you get all the advantages of TrueShot Online Edition without being reliant upon another company to house your data.
  • Unlimited Number of Companies - This is a truly multi-company accounting system.
  • Complete Customization Available - TrueShot is designed to be customized in any way imaginable. Specialized capabilities can be added without removing your ability to participate in software upgrades.
  • Access the system securely from the Internet. - Because TrueShot Enterprise Edition operates in Microsoft's Internet Exporer browser, you can have access to your system from any Internet terminal in the world. You have the option of allowing your employees to be able to access to the system from their homes or while they are on the road.
  • Fully Scalable - TrueShot Enterprise Edition is available in a variety of configurations. From versions designed for a home office to business with dozens of branch offices, TrueShot Enterprise Edition can easily be scaled to fit your exact needs.

Call us at 1.888.776.1331 and we will answer all your questions.

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